Janine Philips

Janine Philips

After graduating from the Royal College of Art & teaching at Wycombe Abbey School, Janine has been a full time artist for the last 10 years. She is continually inspired by coasts & landscapes to produce work for open studio events, local galleries, solo shows (Cornerstone, Didcot) & for commission.

The coasts around the UK and local landscapes have inspired her most recent body of work: exploring colour, texture and the ephemeral qualities of light, from the representational to abstraction.

Janine has always been drawn to water and its reflective qualities. She finds the sea very evocative and never tires of looking at the unpredictable rhythm of waves and the sense of depth felt when looking at the distant horizon.

Her aspirations when she begin a piece are to evoke a sense of place. She begins a painting by immersing herself in an environment that inspires her. Quick sketches with watercolour and photographs are an initial starting point. If possible she will paint some small canvases with oil paints out in the landscape to get a really spontaneous and direct feeling for that place. She often revisit some of these areas at different times of year to see how the changing seasons have affected the quality of light, the colours & textures. Once she starts work on the larger canvases she am trying to select and edit what she has seen to capture a feeling.

She uses oil paint as it has an intense pigmentation which gives a fantastic sense of depth and is very versatile, moving from translucent to opaque with an application of pressure. She likes to experiment with the thickness of the paint and the mark making possibilities using a variety of palette knives. She works on several canvases at the same time allowing each layer time to dry so that she can build up the paint to produce a variety of effects. She is also interested in creating a surface which has different qualities when viewed close to & from a distance and changes with the light within a space so the paintings are never static.